Brad Lidge

May 27, 2009

brad lidgeLast year, Brad Lidge had not one blown save.  This year, we are only about half way through the season and he already has four.  The last one I watched was when he gave up that homer to A-Rod to tie the game.  Next, a guy got a base hit for a single.  He stole second putting him in scoring position.  Another guy got a hit to deep center over Victorino’s head scoring the winning run.  Do think we should put Lidge in the minors for a while to get his act together?  I do.


5 Responses to “Brad Lidge”

  1. byoung95 said

    I think they should just not pitch him. Madson has been lights out all this year and last year. He cuold really help the phils.

  2. diddy kong said

    I think cole hamels is the best

  3. karen said

    yeah, he shouldn’t pitch as much. I don’t think he’s doing to well.

  4. meagan said

    I have never heard of any of them except for Cole Hamels. I think he is really good.

  5. John said

    I know, what has happened to him. No more LIGHTS OUT LIDGE 😦

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