June 4, 2009

So, it ended up with Red Wings and the Pens.  Who do you think will win?  I hope Pens will win but I think that the Red Wings will win.  The suprising thing is that the Red Wings are missing their best player.  The Pens should be able to take advantage of that.Penguins


7 Responses to “NHL”

  1. kylepdiddy said

    I think that the red wings are gonna win

  2. Marc Waypoint said

    They are cooler than the red wings and they are better for buisness

  3. diddy kong said

    I think the red wings will win.

  4. karen said

    I don’t really follow hockey, but I like Pittsburgh so I hope the Penguins win.

  5. meagan said

    I don’t know either teams, but I think penguins are pittsburgh, so i hope they win.

  6. cjaperiod3 said

    I HATE THE PEGUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. slyman36 said

    hey people its jake smiley just making sure you guys know that the penguins suck. they are going to lose the cup again. and Philly is definatley the best city in P.A

    yea i went there
    – ur pal jake

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