There are a lot of teams that are hated in the MLB.  For example, the Mets aren’t liked that much.  I know that the Yanks are the worst team in history.  I know that the Phils and Red Sox are the best.  Who do you believe is the most hated team in the MLB?


June 4, 2009

So, it ended up with Red Wings and the Pens.  Who do you think will win?  I hope Pens will win but I think that the Red Wings will win.  The suprising thing is that the Red Wings are missing their best player.  The Pens should be able to take advantage of that.Penguins

Harry Kalas

May 27, 2009

85130506GF013_PHILADELPHIA_I wish we still had Harry Kalas as a commentator.  The phil’s have a Harry Kalas patch on their jersies for the year.  What was your favorite part about Harry Kalas as a commentator?  Mine was the ” It’s ouuttttttttttttaaa here!”.

Brad Lidge

May 27, 2009

brad lidgeLast year, Brad Lidge had not one blown save.  This year, we are only about half way through the season and he already has four.  The last one I watched was when he gave up that homer to A-Rod to tie the game.  Next, a guy got a base hit for a single.  He stole second putting him in scoring position.  Another guy got a hit to deep center over Victorino’s head scoring the winning run.  Do think we should put Lidge in the minors for a while to get his act together?  I do.

Who do you think is a better goalie…Luongo or Fleury?  I think Luongo is.

madsonThe Phillies took first place in their division.  I think they could be really good this year…they have an awesome line up with Raul Ibanez and good defense.  They’re only flaw is they’re pitching.  We need better pitching.

All About Me

May 1, 2009


My name is Kevin and I love to play golf, tennis, baseball, and ski.  I also like to watch football on t.v., especially the Eagles because they are my favorite team.  I also like to watch the Phillies and Flyers. It is also fun to go to games with my Dad.  He took me to a Philadelphia Wings game recently.  That was a lot of fun.  I love video games and I have a PS2.  I especially like to play video games with my friends Peter, Daniel, and Chris.  They are my best friends.

joe_blantonLast night the Phillies lost to the Brewers due to poor pitching by Joe Blanton.  The Phillies’ hitting was decent with a base hit by Jason Werth witch helped.  Due to the Phillies’ small field, Joe Blanton gave up one homer which I know of.  In many stadiums, that would not be a homerun.  Let me know who you think is the best pitcher on the Phils.

Raul Ibanez

Raul Ibanez

Although off to a rough start, Ibanez is now doing really good.  With five home runs already, he is quickly becoming well known-he even has his own chant.